What Is The Best Vacuum Cleaner To Buy

What is the best vacuum cleaner to buy?

We're going to guide you and show you how you can shop smart for the best vacuum cleaner.

Indeed, all vacuum cleaners are not created equal. But that’s okay, because all household dirt is not the same.

The best vacuum for you is the one that meets your house’s needs. Your house and who lives in it are what determine your cleaning routine.

At the end, choosing the best vacuum cleaner model can be easy.

With the information you’ll find on our website, you’ll learn about the different vacuum cleaners models and what they can do.

You’ll find out which models are powerful and which are best vacuum for hardwood floors. You’re going to discover how you can compare models and prices to make that important decision.

Read on!

Our Best Vacuum Cleaner To Buy Review

If your current vacuum cleaner is giving you signs that it’s soon going to be time to purchase a newer model, now is your chance to do some advance research on cleaners.

You should treat your vacuum cleaning buying process like it’s an interview. Indeed,  ask yourself, your family (even your floor) what’s needed. The vacuum cleaner that you choose has to be able to meet the standards that you hold for all your cleaners. But it also has to meet other criteria.

Therefore, I'm going to make the researching process a lot easier for you. What is a good vacuum ? To answer this question, I can help you narrow down our choices to make the perfect selection.

  • What is the most powerful vacuum cleaner? 
  • What about quiet vacuum cleaner?
  • Do you want the best lightweight vacuum cleaner ?
  • What is your budget? We can help you chose best cheap vacuum cleaner.
  • Do you want a bagged vacuum cleaner?
  • What vacuum cleaners attachments do you need? 
Best vacuum cleaner to buy

Best Upright Vacuum Cleaner

The upright vacuum cleaner is the most popular model in the United States and the United Kingdom. It includes two different types of upright vacuum cleaner: the direct fan cleaner and the fan-bypass cleaner.

  • The direct-fan upright uses less power, but less power also translates to less cleaning power as well.
  • The fan-bypass upright needs twice as much power, but it’s strong enough to be used for cleaning both the carpet and the floor.

Most of all, upright vacuum cleaners are based on a simple and effective design. There’s a handle, a segment that supports the handle and the container that holds the dirt.

Canister Vacuum Cleaner

A canister vacuum cleaner is a single unit, typically mounted on two wheels. It comes with a dust compartment clearly distinct from the motor. It also has a long wand attachment for the vacuuming.

Futhermore, the canister vacuum cleaner is pulled from behind during the cleaning. Particularly popular in Europe, China, and Russia, it has a special feature that lets the user attach different heads for different cleaning tasks.

The most current vacuum cleaners models come equipped with special heads for different cleaning chores. These heads includ dusting furniture and cleaning hardwood floors, carpets, etc.

Because canister vacuum cleaners can be a storage problem, you should find one with a side clip that attaches the nozzle to the body.

Stick Vacuum Cleaner

A stick vacuum cleaner gets its name from the design of the handle. The handle is a long stick. This isn’t a vacuum cleaner to count on if you’re looking for a vacuum that can handle thick carpeting.

But the stick is fine when used on bare floors or areas that are lightly carpeted. The stick can also be used to clean area rugs.

Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Handheld vacuum cleaners bring that little bit of something extra to your vacuum needs. Particularly if you have a small, hard-to-reach place in the home where a canister or upright vacuum cleaner can’t get to.

They’re great for cleaning the inside of your car, getting in between the couch cushions, or around areas where pet nooks and crannies where pet fur builds up. Handheld vacuums come in both corded and cordless models.

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

The robotic model is the latest and perhaps the most popular innovation in vacuum cleaners. How do they work?

The engineering behind the robotic vacuum cleaner is based on its movement algorithm. This just means that the robotic knows how to combine various artificial intelligence methods to clean what needs cleaning.

It then returns to the docking station where the battery recharges. Some robotic vacuum cleaners also possess UV sterilization and mopping capabilities.

Other Categories

Carpet Vacuum Cleaner

Carpet cleaners are equipped with a hot water heater. They also have special power brushest hat help you clean your carpet.

They’re powerful enough to remove the dust and stains that a typical vacuum cleaners can’t get rid of. In fact, they’re so powerful that they can replace the professional units that people often rent. 

Purchasing your own carpet cleaner means that you won’t need to hire a cleaning service to do the job.

Steam Vacuum Cleaner

What carpet cleaners are to carpets, steam mops are to bare floors. Some steam vacuum cleaner mops are operated by batteries, providing the utmost in cleaning flexibility.

You’ll love the time factor: steam mops can sanitize your hardwood floor in less than five seconds. The steam mop clearly has the advantage when you compare it to the traditional wet mop of old.

2 in 1 Vacuum Cleaner

Large cleaning jobs require a model that combines the best aspects of other cleaners, and that’s the case with the 2 in 1 Vacuum Cleaners.

A hybrid blends vacuum cleaner abilities. The hybrid vacuums your floor, but it also dusts, sanitizes hardwood floors and scrubs the tiles. It cleans the inside of your car, and can be used for other cleaning purposes as well. 

Fans of the hybrid love its versatility.

Best Bagged Or Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

Bagless vacuum cleaners were actually on the cleaning scene before the bag showed up, so they aren’t new.

The bagless vacuum has been refined to the point where they’re very popular with customers. The bagless vacuum cleaner fan base rests on the fact that not having to buy replacement bags is a money-saver.

Another feature is the fact that, as your vacuum dust chamber fills up, you don’t lose suction power. However, you’ll find that, as the filter clogs, suction power is lost.

And, because the dirt is still messy, you’ll want to empty the contents of the dirt chamber into a garbage bag after you’ve finished your vacuum cleaning.

Also, bag vacuum cleaners are comparatively mess-free when it’s time to dispose of one that’s full. It’s simple enough; the old bag is thrown away and replaced with a new one. 

Filtration is better with a bagged vacuum cleaner because many of them have both a filtering bag and a HEPA filter. A bagged vacuum cleaner lets the customer choose the filtration you prefer based on how strong a filtering system you need for cleaning.

Afflicted with allergies? Choose the HEPA filter bags so that dust is captured and your carpets are much cleaner.

What’s not in their favor? As the vacuum bag fills, the suction power goes down. Bag vacuum cleaners continue to need bags, which costs money.

The double-row tufted agitator and suction dual motor system provide 12 amps of powerful, versatile cleaning. More cleaning is accomplished with the multiple tool vacuum attachments that are contained on top of the canister.

Best Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Both corded and cordless vacuum cleaners have different points to consider both for and against their purchase. You need to make your decision on whether a corded or cordless vacuum cleaner suits you better based on what your household needs.

A corded vacuum cleaner brings more powerful. It has an electrical input ranging between 1000 to 2000 watts, compared to 20 to 200 watts for a cordless vacuum. But how much power do you need? If you’re cleaning up after kids, pets, and a family, then you’re looking for power.

But if you’re living in a small area or your household isn’t large, a cordless model might be all that you need. The corded vacuum cleaner is better at cleaning larger areas at once; the cordless one does a small section at a time.

Cordless vacuum cleaners run on batteries, which require charging; corded vacuum cleaners use a cord and an electrical out, which can be a problem as you move from room to room and your long cord travels with you.

Furthermore, Cordless vacuum cleaners, with their smaller capacity for storing dust and dirt, don’t always come with a HEPA filter. They also don’t last as long as a corded vacuum. Cordless vacuums are compact and easier to store than corded vacuums, and easier to maneuver because of their size.

Quiet Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum cleaners and noise have seemed to go together for so long that they’re practically married. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Did you know that a noisy vacuum cleaner can register at 80 decibels and that long-term exposure to 80-85 decibels of sound can lead to hearing loss? It does not mean that you have to stop. But there are different levels of noise for vacuum cleaners.

Indeed, a very quiet vacuum cleaner is able to function at a decibel level in the mid-60s. A garbage disposal’s sound comes in at 80 decibels, a lawnmower hits 100, and a normal conversation in your home is 50 decibels.

Canister vacuums are typically quieter than upright vacuum cleaners because their engineering includes more insulation to minimize sound.

So if you prefer to do your housework when your children are napping, it may worth the money to invest in a quiet vacuum cleaner.

Other Considerations

Best cheap vacuum cleaner on the market

Price : What Is The Best Vacuum Cleaner For The Money ?

You’re planning to buy a new vacuum cleaner, but have you decided how much you want to spend on your new purchase?

Don’t rush into the decision before you’ve examined your budget and your cleaner needs. What you need in a vacuum cleaner determines what you’re willing to pay for when making your selection.

What are the best vacuum cleaners under $100?

Check out this article for the best vacuums cleaners buy for your budget.

Filtration System

The inner workings of a vacuum cleaner, whether it’s an upright or a canister, depend on the functioning of the vacuum cleaner filtration system.

For a vacuum cleaner, the filtration system is its way of breathing. It inhales air and exhales it, like lungs. When the vacuum cleaner brings in the air, dust and dirt particles come along.

But when the vacuum cleaner releases air, the dust can’t return to its former home. Tthe whole point of cleaning is to get rid of the dirt.

The vacuum cleaner filters are there to keep those dust particles from being expelled out of the vacuum cleaner. The very small holes in its surface—dust filters can be cloth, or paper, or soft plastic—allow the air out, but keep the dust and dirt from getting through the checkpoint.

A bagless vacuum cleaner usually comes with one or two vacuum cleaners filters. If it has two, one serves as a pre-filter and the other is HEPA filter. It is located after the dust collection area so that it reduces the particles that are re-released through the vacuum cleaner.

In a bagged vacuum, the bag collecting dirt and dust particles is the initial vacuum cleaner filter. It is made of cloth or soft paper with tiny holes that capture the larger particles in the bag.


There are some vacuum manufacturers who claim that their products will last 20 years. But Carnegie Mellon University studied vacuum cleaner life spans and says that a vacuum cleaner will last about three years.

Experts recommend that you choose a vacuum cleaner that comes with at least a three-year warranty. According to studies, there’s a direct connection between the quality of the cleaner and the coverage that the warranty provides.

Remember that accessories play a significant role in your vacuum cleaning. Use them to expand your cleaning routine and your vacuum cleaning will be much more thorough.

The accessories are specifically designed to specialize in particular areas where dust removal needs some help that vacuuming alone can’t provide.

Warranties are good, but there are things that you need to keep in mind. For instance, does your vacuum cleaner warranty require you to bring the product in once a year? for a free service check in order for the coverage to remain valid? What does the warranty cover?

What does the warranty expect of you? If you’re having problems with your vacuum cleaner, is there an authorized service center near you? Or are you required to ship the product back to the dealer at your own cost?

Vacuum Cleaners Attachments

The vacuum cleaner is the main component of your carpet and floor cleaning system. But even the best cleaning army needs good reserve troops, and that’s where accessories come in handy.

Here are some of the accessories that make the difference in your vacuum cleaners overall performance.

The Brushes

  • Upholstery brush : This vacuum cleaner attachment gives your cleaning a little more depth. It comes with a lint-catching fabric strip that’s perfect for pulling the dust out of your mattresses, chairs, couches, and cushions.
  • Dusting brush : if your vacuum cleaner is equipped with a dusting brush, that dusting chore just got easier. The dusting brush is round. It has also long, soft bristles that can help remove dust from lampshades, windowsills, blinds, bookcases and framed art. You can even clean around knickknacks if your vacuum cleaner has variable suction.

Crevice Tool

This handy-dandy item fits on the end of the vacuum hose. It is fantastic for cleaning : dryer vents, air ducts and vents, washing machines, radiators, condenser coils and air conditioners.

Pet  Grooming Tool

You already use your vacuum cleaner attachments to get rid of the fur that accumulates in the house. But did you know that some vacuum cleaners come equipped with a pet grooming comb that includes Spot and Rover in the general cleaning routine?

Extension Wand

If you can’t claim the height of an NBA basketball player, the next-best thing is a vacuum cleaner extension wand. It adds inches onto your reach so that you can get the dust and cobwebs that gather in corners and overhead light fixtures.

Edge Cleaner

This tool helps to pick up the dirt and dust that’s underneath the cleaning head. It makes it particularly useful if you’re using the vacuum on wall-to-wall carpeting. Because this way your vacuum can meet the point where your carpeting and your wall meet.

Mini Turbo Tool

This air-driven, rotating brush tool can be used to vacuum your stairs, remove dust from the furniture upholstery, and clean the inside of your car. It’s also an extra weapon for pet owners against pet hair that gets into the carpet.

Motorized Brush Head

The canister vacuum’s motorized brush head‘s rotating brush lets it clean carpets like an upright model. If your canister allows you to turn the rotation off, you can also use this attachment on bare floors.

Turbo Brush

The rotating bristles on a turbo or power brush make cleaning stairs a lot easier. The turbo brush can also be used to deep-clean your upholstery, your mattress, and the inside of your car.

What Is The Best Vacuum To Buy Conclusion

Now that you have the information to your vacuum cleaner questions, you’re ready to purchase your best vacuum cleaner model.

If you want cleaning to be thorough, easy and fun, you will like the Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional (NV356E).

It’s not just the power and maneuverability of the vacuum cleaner that have won fans. One very satisfied customer praised the micro-attachments because they can be used to clean crumbs from the toaster.

They can get rid of the dirt that settles into the computer and navigate into the edges of the doors.

The vacuum cleaner works for your home and your car, cleans pet areas and places that you can’t reach. It takes care of your carpets and your bare floors.

It is the most versatile cleaning tool you can buyt. In conclusion, owning a Shark Vacuum is like having an all-in-one cleaning staff.

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