The Best Car Vacuum Cleaner of 2017

​Today, we'll study the best car vacuums available on the market.

No matter how hard you try to keep the inside of our cars neat, it’s pretty demanding. When in a rush, you don’t pay attention to the food crumbs you leave all over the seat. Your focus is on the road, which is no wonder.

However, instead of losing your head over it, you can come up with an efficient cleaning strategy.

Cars are filled with comprised spaces, complicated angles and tight gaps. In order to clean it entirely without seeking professional help, meet another generation of vacuum cleaners.

The generation which serves specifically for car cleaning purpose are the car vacuum cleaners.

Car VacuumS  Reviews Of 2017

What Type of Car Vacuum Cleaner Do You Need?

Black+Decker BDH2000PL MAX Lithium Pivot Vacuum, 20-volt

Best Cordless Car Vacuum

Black+Decker MAX Lithium Pivot Vacuum

  • Great suction power
  • 3-stage filtration system
  • Lightweight

An optimal solution for your car is a car vacuum cleaner which won't depend on your location. 

Instead of waiting to come home to clean it up, you can bring your rechargeable and portable cordless car vacuum. It is a quick fix on the spot. 

Even in everyday cases, when you’re in a position to get to a power outlet, why would you? With a cordless automotive vacuum, aspects such as cord length and location are marginal.

It is an easy and effortless way out. It’s especially good with spot cleaning, which is the most frequent. 

Cordless car vacuums, as well as any other car vacuum cleaner, compliment the structure of a car. Their shape and weight is in balance with the cleaning tasks.

The only thing which can level down your enthusiasm is the power capacity of these car vacuums. Since they’re rechargeable and battery-operated, it’s reasonable to expect a decent performance.

If you prefer power over convenience, these car vacuum cleaners may not be your cup of tea.

Eureka EasyClean Corded Hand-Held Vacuum, 71B

Best Handheld Car Vacuum

Eureka EasyClean Corded Hand-Held Vacuum, 71B

  • Great power suction
  • Under $100
  • Onboard crevice tool

Handheld vacuums are a perfect fit to vacuum car. They are lightweight and versatile. They fit in your hand and therefore give you the possibility of cleaning the entirety of your car. You can reach the seats, the carpets underneath, as well as the roof. This kind of adaptability leaves no dust particle behind.

Contrary to stick car vacuum cleaners, most of the handheld vacuums are as flexible as it gets. Anywhere your hand can reach, a handheld vacuum can, too. You can direct it to the mess manually.

Most of the handheld auto vacuum cleaners are not portable, but offer more power. Some of the handheld vacuums operate with cords which you need to plug into the wall.

Other handheld vacuums can be powered by your car, or the 12V outlet, more specifically. The difference is in the suction power, of course. Obviously, car vacuums which work off of your car won’t be as compelling.

An overall impression of handheld vacuums is that they are the most appropriate for car cleaning. 

If having a portable car vacuum cleaner would fulfill your needs, go with a cordless device. On the other hand, if power comes first for you, you’ll gravitate towards a corded handheld vacuum.

Either way, there are more factors to base your decision on. Discover them in the next section.

Things to Consider To Buy The Best Car Vacuum

Best Car VacuumS Performance

Finding the balance between quality and manageability is the key. Since it is a car vacuum we’re discussing, you certainly want to prioritize flexibility. If you’re having trouble reaching anywhere in your car, your car vacuum cleaner isn’t serving its purpose.

On the other hand, if your vacuum can’t deal with a mess smoothly, it’s a problem as well. An ideal mix would be a portable vacuum with a good power capacity.

However, if you need to compromise, set your priorities straight. A portable vacuum can accompany you anywhere, anytime. You can disregard factors such as the distance from power outlet, and cord length.

If plugging your device into a wall is not an issue, performance won’t be, either. Corded handheld vacuums provide extraordinary, in-depth vacuuming.

How Easy It is to Use

No matter how big of a vehicle you own, cleaning is never as comfortable as in your home. It requires a lot of bending, reaching under the seats, etc. The physical effort should be the only hassle you have to go through.

That’s why you should opt for an easy-to-use car vacuum, as compact as possible. You should be able to assemble it in no time, and finish your cleaning as soon as possible. After all, you’ve got your hands full with house cleaning. Investing as much time in car cleaning as well would be a disaster.

If you’re able to use a device with ease, it is more probable to be a successful process.

Best Car VacuumS Price

If you prefer getting your car cleaned at a shop, you better save your money for something else. You can find a portable handheld car vacuum cleaner at a very low price.

This type of device will spot-clean any small messes you need to take care of. If this is all you need, there’s no use in investing in a more powerful cleaner.

Your Needs

Adjust the characteristics of your cleaner to those of your car. If you’re someone whose car gets really dirty all the time, look for greater suction power. As a pet owner, pay attention to accessories which get rid of pet hair. A big car can handle a bigger device. If your vehicle is small, the cleaner must be as small and precise as possible.

If you’re on the road most of the time, corded car vacuum cleaners won’t do it for you. You’d have to spend most of your time looking for a power outlet. A portable handheld vacuum will save you the trouble.

Best Car VacuumS Reviews And Ratings

Product websites often paint an unrealistic picture. Finally, it is their job to sell the product by blowing its advantages out of proportion. Once a product catches your eye, how do you know it’s the real deal?

Go to websites such as and browse through the best car vacuums reviews. Customers leave their honest feedbacks from their personal experience. Most of the feedback is genuine and not forced.

Also, online reviews such as this one will gather the important information and transform it into an article. Instead of searching the web for hours, dedicate yourself to reading a good review.

Features of The Best Car Vacuums

Let’s wrap up the story about deciding factors regarding the purchase of the best car vacuum.

Handheld Vacuum

First of all, the number one feature is that it is a handheld vacuum. It will give you precision and enough control. You will be able to approach the tightest of crevices in your vehicle. You'll need no additional brushes or accessories for the back of your car, or the roof part.

A cordless handheld vacuum cleaner can follow you anywhere you go. It is your perfect cleaner on-the-go. Regardless of your location or destination, it’ll get the job done. A cord tends to distract you or make cleaning uncomfortable. With a cordless device, all you need to think of is in your hands.

The handheld vacuum cleaners with no beater or rolling brush are far more convenient. These brushes are great for household cleaning, but too demanding in cars.

What you need is absolute control of your device, without worrying whether the brush will tilt enough. Opt for a cleaner which has a narrow suction gap with no additional brushes.

Good Suction Power

Good suction power is a must. Suction power is not where you should compromise. No matter if it’s a spot-cleaner or a more detailed one, don’t neglect this feature.

If you tend to make a bigger mess in your car, this will stand as a priority.


All details aside, if your device is not lightweight, it isn’t the right car vacuum for you. The vacuums you use for the floors of your house can be easily moved around. This is not the case in your cars. To get to all points which you want to clean, you need a lightweight product.

Remember that you have to carry it, and there isn’t much surface to drag it. Lean towards a lightweight, compact vacuum perfect for confined space.


To protect your car from scratches during cleaning, choose a cleaner with rubber or felt stripe padding. It’s very probable to scratch the interior of your car with the cleaning device.

The padding will prevent this from happening, especially when you can’t see where you’re reaching. The padding protects the interior, especially leather seats or other sensitive material.

Where to Buy The Best Car VacuumS

Thankfully, any car vacuum you can possibly imagine is just a click away. After doing your research, you can simply order them online and wait for your delivery.

Websites have a reputation of offering better deals than stores. The original manufacturer websites have their online stores. Aside from those, you can order your car cleaner from sites such as

If you’re more of a traditional buyer, you may want to hit the stores and see the assortment first hand. Only when the product is in your hand can you really get the feel of it.

You can see the design, feel the weight and check the shape. You can picture it in your car and see if it corresponds to your requirements.

Another advantage of going directly to the store is that you can still go home and order it online. It gives you enough time to think and make up your mind.

You can find car vacuums in stores such as Target, Bed, Bath & Beyond, your local Walmart, etc. Also, the manufacturer stores are always a good choice to find your handheld car vacuum cleaner.

Best Car VacuumS Conclusion 

Consider all the possible factors before ordering a car cleaner.

It’s easy to find the product suitable for your vehicle when you know what you want. Also, always consider your readiness to use a rechargeable or corded device.

Be aware of the fact that rechargeable automotive vacuum cleaner will not blow you away. It’s great for periodical spot-cleaning, but not enough for challenging tasks. On the other hand, keep in mind that a powerful handled vacuum cleaner for car usually requires a power outlet. Ask yourself if you want to think about finding one every time you vacuum.

Finally, put your comfort first. Handheld car cleaners have to be light enough for you to lift them anywhere you need. Choose the device you won’t regret buying every time you have to clean your vehicle.

Do you own a car cleaner, or you use your regular household one? How often do you get your car cleaned, or do you always do it by yourself? Let us know.

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