How To Replace the Belt On A Shark Vacuum Cleaner: A Simple Guide

In this artice, you'll discover how to replace the Shark Vacuum belt all by yourself.

A great number of Shark vacuum cleaners have a belt which operates the cleaning head. When it comes to the models of older generation, they don’t have on option of automatically stopping the motor.

Due to this disadvantage, the Shark vacuum belt breaks before the motor is switched off. Therefore, if something gets stuck in the roller brush, it is quite possible that the belt will snap.

Even if you’re an owner of a newer Shark vacuum cleaner model, you may still experience belt malfunctions.  Indeed, users report issues with Shark Navigator belts and Shark Rotator belts.

shark vacuum belt replacement

Regardless of the type of the Shark vacuum cleaner belt, this simple guide will prepare you to replace a vacuum belt. 

What Do You Need Before You Start Replacing the Shark Vacuum Belt

Fortunately, replacing the Shark vacuum belt will not give you much of a headache. Removing the broken shark vacuum belt and adjusting the new belt is a piece of cake.

Before mentioning any tools to replace vacuum belt, your Shark vacuum cleaner user manual would definitely come in handy. The user manual offers more in-depth description of the product, as well as the belt itself.

The actual tools you’ll need to remove and replace the Shark vacuum belt count only a few.

First of all, prepare a screwdriver, a flat head or Phillips one. The choice of the screwdriver depends on the Shark vacuul cleaner model you need to dissemble.

As for the Shark vacuum brush roll cleaning, make sure to have an old hair brush. A hair brush will help you with detailed cleaning of the brush roll.

Speaking of the brush roller, you’ll find a pair of scissors and a pair of pliers useful. Scissors will help you free the roller brush of any objects which got entangled in it.

These objects are the causers of the Shark vacuum belt breaking. You’ll need a pair of pliers if certain items are particularly hard to remove from the roller brush.

List of Steps

To successfully replace your Shark vacuum belt and clean the brush, follow these simple steps.

1st Step: Make Sure That Your Shark Vacuum Cleaner Is Ready

Before you open your cleaner and proceed to the shark vacuum belt replacement, make sure to switch it off.

Obviously, the Shark Vacuum should be unplugged from the electric outlets. Then lock your Shark Navigator upright, if it’s possible.

Prior to proceeding to accessing the brush roll, remove and clean the dust cup. Position your Shark Vacuum Cleaner horizontally.

2nd Step: Access the Brush Roll and the Shark Vacuum Belt

The Shark Vacuum brush roll unit has a cover which needs to be removed to get to the brush itself, as well as the belt.

Beware of the fact that there might be electrical connections between the cover and the main body of the Shark rotator. Don’t force it open before you check if your Shark vacuum has this installation.

To remove the cover of the Shark navigator and get to the brush and the belt, unscrew the cover. Make sure to use the adequate screwdriver for your Shark vacuum.

how to replace shark vacuum belt

3rd Step: Open the Unit and Displace the Roller of Your Shark Vacuum

Once the Shark Vacuum cover is off, you’ll be able to access the area of your Shark Vacuum where the roller and the shark vacuum belt are placed.

To get to the belt itself, remove the Shark rotator roller by pressing the side away from the belt. When you remove the roller, you’ll be able to remove the belt, as well.

4th Step: Clean the Roller Brush Connected to the Shark Vacuum Belt

Before you get to the Shark vacuum belt, take care of the roller brush first. This is where the earlier mentioned hair brush, as well as scissors and pliers come in handy.

Once the Shark navigator brush roller is removed, use the hair brush to clean the bristles. For any larger objects you find in the Shark rotator roller, use a pair of scissors or pliers, depending on the size.

Make sure to get them out since they affect the belt performance. Be careful not to rip off any of the bristles of the Shark rotator brush.

5th Step: Place and Adjust the New Shark Vacuum Belt

To adjust the new Shark Vacuum belt, place the belt around the drive shaft. Also, position the belt onto the end of the roller by following the plastic guides for the belt.

Once the Shark Vacuum belt is properly positioned, press the side of the roller farther from the belt. Check if the belt is in the right position.

6th and Final Step: Getting Everything Back in Place

Once the belt is in place, position the roller cover of your Shark Vacuum Cleaner using the same screws.


Issues with your Shark rotator belt aren’t a sign of a poorly designed vacuum.

To the contrary, Shark vacuums are famous for their long-lasting, reliable structure. As you could see in this guide, the obstacles you may encounter can be easily managed.

Therefore, there is no need to consider buying a newer Shark vacuum cleaner. You don’t have to send it to service or call someone for help.

The replacement belt is available for each of the Shark models. Instead of buying a new vacuum, simply buy the replacement belt. Once you have it, rely on our user guide to successfully replace it.

Do you own a Shark vacuum?  Do you think you’d be able to replace the shark vacuum belt on your own? If you’ve had any experience with shark vacuum belt replacement, share it in the comment section.

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